Overview of services

Precision in electronics production

Discover our comprehensive range in electronics production. At Schambeck Elektronik, we offer highly specialized services ranging from SMD and THT assembly to the replacement of defective components. Our modern technology and many years of experience enable us to respond flexibly to your specific requirements while always maintaining the highest quality standards. Whether prototypes, small series or large-scale production – we are your partner for reliable and efficient electronics solutions.

SMD assembly

With SMD assembly (SMD: surface-mounted device), unlike with THT assembly, the connection legs of the components are not guided through mounting holes but are mounted directly on the PCB surface on so-called connection pads (surface mounting technology).

THT assembly

With THT assembly (THT: through-hole technology), in contrast to SMD assembly, the connecting wires of the components are fed through the circuit board with the help of so-called contact or placement holes and then soldered to the connection pads of the conductor tracks on the underside of the circuit board.

Other services

We offer component procurement according to customer specifications, cleaning and visual inspection of printed circuit boards, repair services by replacing defective components and cable assembly including extensive electrical tests. It is our aim to meet your expectations with the highest quality and precision.