Welcome to Schambeck Elektronik GmbH

Welcome to Schambeck Elektronik GmbH

Your reliable partner for all aspects of PCB assembly


About Schambeck Elektronik GmbH

Schambeck Elektronik GmbH is a small, medium-sized company in the electronics industry based in Brennberg, near Regensburg.
Our services and offers range from cable assembly to conventional assembly, repair work and additions to our focus on SMD assembly of PCBs.

At our company, we combine our many years of experience in the field of PCB assembly with state-of-the-art technology, such as our automatic placement machines, with which we can place a wide variety of small and sensitive components with high precision.

With our microplacer for high-precision assembly, it is also possible to assemble flip, chip, BGA and micro-BGA components of any size.

Thanks to our Cube.460 selective soldering system, we can solder all THT components from small to large quantities with consistently high quality.

As we know that procuring materials is a time-consuming process, we are also happy to take care of this for you so that the workload is reduced even further.

We are at your side from prototype production through pre-series to the production of small and large series.

PCBs manufactured in 2023

State-of-the-art production technologies

Our services

State-of-the-art production technologies

Our services

SMD assembly

Assembling printed circuit boards with the aid of state-of-the-art automatic placement machines


High-quality assembly by hand. Mixed configurations are also possible


Desoldering and replacing damaged or defective components


For example, from ordering the components you need to cleaning your circuit board


DEKRA certifications

Since May 2022, we have also been certified under the ISO 9001:2015 standard. This means that our long-standing high quality is now officially certified.




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An assembly of electronic components and connections that are soldered to a printed circuit board and together fulfill one or more specific functions.

The process of placing and soldering electronic components on a printed circuit board.

A machine for the precise placement of small components with high accuracy and speed

A design for integrated circuits (ICs) in which the connections are arranged in the form of a grid of solder balls on the underside of the housing. BGAs offer a higher connection density and improved electrical performance compared to other housing types.

BGA Re-Work is a process for repairing printed circuit boards in which defective or incorrect ball grid array (BGA) components are removed and replaced with new ones. Special hot air stations or infrared soldering stations are used to loosen and restore the soldered connections.

Bill of materials that lists all components and materials required for the manufacture of a product or assembly.

During dispensing, the solder paste is applied to the circuit board by hand using a semi-automatic machine.

We can process the data formats Eagle, Target and KiCad. However, you are also welcome to send us the layout of the circuit board in the form of a PDF file.

Press-fit technology is a connection technique in which a contact pin with a specific geometry is pressed into a metallized hole in a printed circuit board. This creates a mechanically strong and electrically conductive connection without additional solder or flux. The press-fit technology is suitable for high current loads and offers high reliability and ease of maintenance. It is usually used where conventional soldering is not possible due to the mass of the PCB (see multilayer)

a term that refers to electronic components with very small connection distances, such as micro BGA, LGA or closely spaced connectors.

With the help of a semi-automatic machine, it is possible to apply the solder paste to the circuit board by hand, which means that a stencil may not be necessary for prototypes. In addition, SMD components can be assembled by hand from a belt section.

A solder paste printer is a device that applies solder paste to a printed circuit board. The solder paste consists of small solder balls that are bound in a flux. The solder paste printer uses a squeegee to press the solder paste through a stencil that reproduces the layout of the PCB. The solder paste adheres to the intended points and forms the basis for the subsequent solder connection.

A multilayer is a printed circuit board consisting of several superimposed layers of conductive tracks and insulating materials. A multilayer enables a high packing density, high complexity and high performance of the electronic circuits. At VIERLING we can process up to 32-layer multilayers.

The reflow oven solders the SMD components onto a circuit board by gently melting the previously applied solder paste using different heat zones. This also activates the flux. The circuit board and the components are heated as evenly as possible.

A printing process in which solder paste is precisely applied to the PCB pads using a squeegee through recesses in a stencil before the electronic components are placed in the SMT line.

A soldering system that enables the high-precision and spot soldering of a wide variety of THT components. It does not matter whether SMD components are already placed near the soldering points and the quality of the soldering is consistently high.